Luxury Weekly Holiday

Not too far from Dimora di mare

Dimora di mare provides the perfect base from where to explore beautiful towns and beaches all around the coast


Capri: The island of Romance

Departing from Dimora di mare, this is a private exclusive fullday skippered yacht charter on a deluxe motoryacht that will take you and your cruise companions to the magificent isle of Capri.

This picture perfect spot has been in famous as a decadent refuge for the rich and famous ever since the Roman Emperor Tiberias frolicked on its shores. Have lunch in Capri, dive in the waters of the Blue Grotto or around the Faraglioni rocks, shop for high fashion in Anacapri.

About the yacht
The Persing 46 Cabin is a 39 feet open yacht, comfortable enough for 12 people. Powered by two 400 horse power Yanmar engines it cruises at 40 knots with calm sea. Inside, careful design means that the spacious common area can be exploited to the full, without having to sacrificethe indispensable privacy ensured by 2 separate cabins. Hi-fi, plasma tv, electric kitchen, oven, minibar make this vessel seem more like a modern hotel suite than an ocean-going yacht.

Amalfi ferriere's valley

Charming jewel: Ferriere’s Valley

Amalfi is famous all over the world for its glorious past and for the sea. Only a few people, however, have visited its charming jewel: the Valle delle Ferriere. Your experienced guide will accompain you along the Canneto’s course, a vivacious torrent that launches itself in jumps and cascades creating a scenery of rare beauty.

The typical tropical vegetation of the Azores or of India mixes with the Mediterranean one. Unique exemplaires such as the Woodwardia radicans, a gigantic fern and the Pinguicola hirti flora, a carnivorous plant with pink flowers, enrich the natural reserve. Vast chest nut woods surround the area and alternate with garigue. The highest cascades reach 20 meters in height, while the river creates a canyon. If you are lucky you might meet long your way spectacled salamanders and otters in the act of fishing.

The river was once used as the power supply for the ancient paper factories, whose remains are still visible and can be visited. In these factories, there was the production of the famous paper of Amalfi. In the middle of this path you will also find the ruins of the ancient ironworks factory that gives its name to the valley: it provided iron to the ancient Republic of Amalfi. Since the path is easy, there is no need to use special tools or equipments: it is important to wear long trousers and comfortable shoes, fitfor mountain walking.


Ancient Ruins: Excavations of Pompei

This tour of fers you a chance to experience the best of Campania, from archaeological excavations to fresh air and seaside vistas. Starting from and returning to Dimora di mare, this tour is a full day of exploration. You’ll drive along the scenic Amalfi Coast and visit many of the charming towns which dot this lovely area. There is flexibility in your time, so that you can pick the stops as you go, or rely on your driver for suggestions – possible stops along the way are Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Ravello.

At the time you choose, you will stop at Pompeii, one of the most important archaeological excavations in all of Italy. You can begin your exploration of the mystery of Pompeii and the life of people under the Roman Empire on a three hours guided walking tour of these amazing archaeological excavations.

On August 23rd, 79 AD, Pompeii looked like any other bustling, prosperous ancient city. Just three days later, on August 26th, thanks to the fierylava and ash of Mt. Vesuvius, the city fell silent and the place itself had literally vanished from the face of the earth. For more than 1600 years, it remained buried until Pompeii was rediscovered in 1748. You’ll gain unforgettable insight into daily life in Roman times.